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Earning As Much As $128,830.97 From A Single Deal Without flipping or rehabbing anything…

Meet Nick Evangelista

Nick Evangelista is recognized as a dominate force in engineering a business empire.

Nick has been launching businesses, creating cutting edge systems, marketing, sales processes and strategies since he was 23. He has spent years developing, enhancing, and fine tuning his systems, processes, and formulas that have helped entrepreneurs launch, build, grow, and scale there businesses, earn life changing income and create and live the lifestyle of there dreams. His systems are recognized as the some of the most strategic and cutting edge approaches to growing a business empire.

¬†Nick Evangelista continues to innovate and develop some of the most effective sales and marketing systems in the world…



Nick Evangelista is recognized as a leading authority on how to build wealth through real estate Investing.

Many people out there today understand the importance of wealth… The problem is‚Ķ they have no clue how to create it for themselves… They tend to always ask what should I do?

You can now take all the guesswork out with Legendary Investors Group.

Legendary Agent

Imagine having the ability to produce consistent leads, appointments, and listings on demand..

87% of all real estate agents will fail. 76% of real estate agents will fail within there first year of being an agent. 46% will not sell more than 1 listing in there career. 

¬†This is a huge problem in the marketplace and were focused on solving this problem…¬†If your not making at least¬† $100,000 or more per year as an agent then you need help…

Legendary Agent Provides you with the coaching, education, tools, resources, and systems you need to produce a consistent six and seven figure income as a real estate agent.

United Property Buyers

We're America's #1 Property Buyers proudly serving thousands of communities around the globe.

We help property owners in various situations that need to sell their property for cash.

Work one on one with one of our property experts today…

Evangelista Enterprises, LLC

How Do You Build A Business From Scratch Regardless Of Experience Or Knowledge?

Discover how to Launch, build, grow and scale a business using proven systems and sales processes. From identifying your big idea, to creating clarity in your life, selecting the best markets for YOU, creating best selling products, scaling your business and automating the entire process, you‚Äôll be given the same blueprint used not just by Nick Evangelista but also his private clients from all over the world. Discover what it truly takes to build a successful business….

Michigan Institute Of Real estate

If You Have Ever Considered Becoming A Real estate Agent In Michigan There Is No Better Place To Go Than MIRE.

Established in 1985 – The Leaders in Real Estate, Broker, Mortgage, Builder and Appraisal Licensing for over 25 years.
We serve the needs of our students to provide them with knowledge and education in the fields of Real Estate Licensing, Buying, Managing and Appraising.


Success comes from a reflection of yourself, your beliefs, and commitment to those beliefs.¬†The level of success you experience in life stems from a few core principles…

 Persistence, Focus, Consistency, Commitment, and determination.

If your simply willing to follow these core principles you have the makings of someone who can accomplish anything they want.¬†¬†If you have a clear vision, a strategic approach, and scale-able system… You can engineer long term success.

Though most people struggle in life… With just a few minor adjustments in the way we do things, the chances for a more full filled & successful life are increased.

People always ask. How do I become successful…

The answer is simple. You need but just a few things to truly accomplish anything in life. you need a Vision, You need to be strategic, You need a system, and it has to be scale-able, You need to have persistence in what your doing, You need to have laser focus on your desired outcome, You need to be consistent in all your actions, You must stay relentlessly committed to your pursuit to succeed, and be determined to accomplish what ever it is you set out to do. 

¬†Lastly You Need To Get Some Skills… Skills pay the bills. Learn Marketing & Learn Sales… You Hate sales? SO WHAT… Learn It… Master it… It will be one of the best decisions you ever make for yourself and your business.¬†Everything in life is selling, either your selling someone or there selling you…

" Persistence, Focus, Consistency, Commitment, And Determination Are The Key Elements To Building Good Fortune And Success In Your Life, Regardless Of Where You Come From, Your Backround, Your Ethnicity, Or How Many Times You Failed In The Past"...

-Nick Evangelista